About Me


Before returning to painting and photography, I had previously been teaching 'Digital Photo Imaging, 'Digital Photography' - ABC Level 3 Award', 'Pixel Based Imaging with Adobe Photoshop - ABC Level 3 Award', 'Web Page Creation with Dreamweaver - ABC Level 3 Award' and 'Flash for Beginners and Improvers' using Adobe Flash for South Downs College in Hampshire.

I have also taught Clait Plus for South Downs College and have completed the Step Up Programme for Highbury College in Portsmouth where I taught 'Skills for Life' to 16 - 19 year old students in 2006 for the 'Step Up Programme'.

I have experience teaching Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash for Multicultural Recourse Centre, and W.E.A. (Workers Educational Association) South Downs College and Highbury College.

My painting of Lady Diana 1981 is featured in 'Diana in Art' by Mem Mehmet together with 300 beautiful and varied paintings that celebrate the life of Diana, the People's Princess.

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