The Team Ilizarov story

5000 Miles UK to Siberia Cycle - Pictures

Cycle from the UK to Siberia 2003

Follow my progress as I cycle from the UK to the Ilizarov Scientific Center in Kurgan, Siberia during 2003. This cycling expedition is to raise money for orthopaedic research and those that saved my life and prevented amputation of my leg following a near fatal road accident in 1999. Departure date was January 20th 2003 at 12.30 pm from Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, England.


Some of the Pictures Taken During My 5000 Mile Cycle
England to The Ilizarov Institute in Siberia

The pictures above show me receiving a generous sponsorship cheque from Smith & Nephew. Preparing to board the ferry for the Hook of Holland - having cycled from Broomfield Hospital that afternoon. Miscellaneous shots of the route in Netherlands and Germany

This section shows a variety of weather and road conditions. I often smile at the preperations I made for the potentially bad weather I might encounter in Siberia - what I hadn't planned for is the Siberian winter which arrived in Germany at the same time as me. I had many days with temperatures at approximately +3 or +4 Centigrade with the temperatures plummeting to -12 to -15 C at night. I was so glad of all the thermal clothing I had with me.

Above pictures again show some of the horrendous conditions I was cycling in. There was one stretch of cycle way that started off completely clear of any ice or snow. Within about five miles, unfortunately, there was a complete change. Everything was covered with snow - not a sprinkling of snow - deep snow. The cycle way became a track and trees had fallen across the route. I had to keep stopping and unloading the bike and carrying everything over or around the obstruction to make progress. This went on for about twenty miles. I was relieved to finally emerge from the woodland onto open tracks. Final shots in this section I am in Poland doing some maintenance on the bike - and pictures from the Polish press which covered story.

The pictures here were taken as I was travelling the last 100 miles to the Institute. I will include more pictures of the final stages of my 5000 mile cycle to the Ilizarov Institute in Siberia as soon as possible. The Institute's own photographers took many pictures and they will send me a disc with these pictures shortly. The medal shown was presented to me by Professor Shevtsov during the ceremony following my arrival - I am very proud of this award.