A Tribute to Stuart Green

The Team Ilizarov story

5000 Miles UK to Siberia Cycle

Welcome to the TEAM ILIZAROV website my name is Stuart Green.

Team Ilizarov is about my independent solo cycle from the UK to Siberia - a distance of 5000 miles (8000 km). Beginning January 2003 this unique challenge is for the purpose of raising money for, and awareness of, Orthopaedic Research and the hospital responsible for saving my life and preventing the amputation of my leg following a near fatal road accident in 1999. Since my accident I have received countless orthopaedic procedures and further complicated surgeries are still necessary - these are scheduled when I return from Siberia.

Why cycling and why Siberia? Well I have been a serious cyclist all my life right up to my accident and cycling has been fundamental to my overall recovery. The Ilizarov frame fitted to my leg, invented by Russian professor G.A.Ilizarov in the 1950's, was designed and then developed using bicycle components from a local factory in Russia.. The Ilizarov Institute is in Kurgan, Siberia and is named after the professor. Cycling from the UK to the Institute in Siberia will show in a positive and practical way the benefits of ORTHOPAEDIC treatments and in particular the ILIZAROV METHOD.

My motivation to cycle to the Ilizarov Institute in Siberia is to raise money for and awareness of the benefits of orthopaedic treatments - in particular the Ilizarov method. From broken bones to joint replacements and complicated surgeries to correct deformities - we all benefit. Research is paramount to finding new treatments and this requires funding.